The Beginning

I have always enjoyed the thought of writing about travel but never really got around to doing so. So unfortunately a large percentage of the upcoming posts are being completed retrospectively, we will just say we had time to reflect on the places we have been.

We, being my wife and i began travelling together and with our friends around 2008, including short stays close to home and longer periods away from home when we could.

I have put off writing about our travel for a few reasons, one being my not so excellent spelling and grammar, and the main reason, laziness. I don’t find it easy to sit down and write about a city or country while i am there, i enjoy moving at a million miles an hour and don’t make the time to write about our experiences. The last reason will change moving forward and i hope to make this a nice resource for both information and thoughts.

This website will reflect our style of travel, our photography and our thoughts on places that we have been.


More to follow…

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